16 March–26 April 2019

Horizons Azur 2019

The theme, Horizons Azur (Azure Horizons), naturally evokes the true blue of the sky, and also suggests calmness, tranquility, and hope. Several exhibitors took advantage of the shelves in this particular space to explore the 3 rd dimension with a box, a book, or text floating above the page.

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La Société des calligraphes de Montréal is a non-profit organization whose goals are the exchange of information and ideas among amateur and professional calligraphers, as well as those in the related arts. Through workshops, lectures and art exhibitions, we strive to expand public awareness towards calligraphy and develop a higher level of proficiency amongst ourselves and within the Montreal community. L’Arabesque is the official journal of La Société des Calligraphes de Montréal. The Society’s logo was designed by Lorna Mulligan.

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