About the Society

Founded in 1979, La Société des calligraphes de Montréal is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and ideas among amateur and professional calligraphers, as well as individuals in the related arts. Through workshops, lectures and exhibitions, we strive to expand public awareness towards Latin calligraphy and develop a higher level of proficiency amongst our membership and within the Montreal community. From September to May, we organize meetings, workshops, demonstrations and conferences given by local and internationally renowned calligraphers. Our printed publication, L’Arabesque, is published three times a year and features articles and interviews of calligraphic interest. Membership to our guild is open to anyone with a love of letters. Our logo was created by Lorna Mulligan.

Board of Directors 2019-2020

  • President: Mathieu Doucette
  • Treasurer: Inis Sansalone
  • Secretary: Michèle Dorais
  • Administrators: Elyse Viotto, two (2) vacant positions


  • International workshops: vacant
  • Local workshops: vacant
  • L’Arabesque Editor: vacant
  • L’Arabesque designer: Musk Zhang
  • Samedis calligraphiques: Paulette Dufresne
  • Journées de la culture: Yolande Lessard
  • Exhibitions: Kathy Feig and Yolande Lessard
  • Publicity: vacant
  • Hospitality: Michèle Dorais
  • Web Development: vacant
  • Membership: Marie-Pierre Robert
  • Social Media: Mathieu Doucette
  • Mail: Paulette Dufresne
  • Meetings secretary: Sheila Usher
  • Librarian: vacant
  • Archivist: Louise Rousseau
  • Translation and Proofreading: Claire Bourassa, Marco Chioini, Joy Deneen, Mathieu Doucette, Saskia Latendresse, Diane Rioux