Christian Bélanger

Christian Bélanger’s passion has always been letterforms. Through traditional or modern calligraphy, Christian wants to share his love of letters with workshops and projects of all kinds: logos, greeting cards, poems, quotes, artworks, murals, etc. Take a break from the screen and keyboard, try a pen and paper, and contact him for commissions and private or group classes!

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Photos 1-3 © Marco Chioini, Photo 2 © Agence : Nolin BBDO pour Le lait / Agency: Nolin BBDO for Le lait.

Marco Chioini

With 13 years of experience, Marco Chioini can meet all your calligraphic needs : quotes, poems, diplomas, certificates, awards, wedding, special events, envelopes, advertisement, or a calligraphy piece or more. In a traditional or contemporary style, for corporate clients or individuals.

Photo: © Lisa Renault

Joy Deneen

Atelier Imagine Joy is a calligraphy and design studio, specialized in custom invitations, stationery and hand lettered details for weddings and special events. Her work has been featured in Better Homes & GardensAir Canada enRoute Edition, Elegant Wedding and Mariage Québec, as well as on blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled and 100 Layer Cake.

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Kathy Feig

Since 1979, Kathy Feig has been a professional scribe working with both corporate clients and private individuals. Her skills can be tailored to suit the style and format required by various documents that crown special events or unique occasions. Awards, Certificates, Testimonials, Scrolls, Memorial Books, Family Trees, Poetry, Weddings

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Yolande Lessard

Yolande Lessard is a professional calligrapher. Since 1985, she has carried out lettering and calligraphic works in traditional and contemporary styles for private and corporate clients. Her services include logos, lettering, quotations, poems, acrostics, bookmarks, greeting cards, invitations, announcements, illustration, formal documents, diplomas, certificates, distinctions, coat of arms, decorated letters, and family trees.

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Lorna Mulligan

Available for calligraphy work including: logos, packaging and labels, titles, certificates, calligraphic pieces with painted backgrounds, borders or images.

Styles: certain traditional styles as well as more contemporary or gestural. Clients: Institut du Nouveau Monde, La Société des calligraphes de Montréal, private collections

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Lorraine Paquette, Majuscules

Even as a child, Lorraine Paquette always enjoyed playing with crayons instead of dolls. With a style of her own, she continually strives to meet her clients’ needs with efficiency and professionalism. Although self-taught, she has studied with various Masters of the Written Word. Feel free to communicate with her at any time whether to create an art piece, or for any other event that would require her writing hand.

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