Brush Textures with Loredana Zega

A 2-day workshop with Loredana Zega

The brush is a soft tool and though it requires total focus, self confidence and patience. It creates marvellous traces of colours and textures which is why this dry brush technique goes so well with making all kind of patterns, making a feel of 3D space. You will be thrilled how beautiful is dancing on the edges of the brush! The subtle lines and soft touches of the brush will change your views of how calligraphy exercises should be: light and soft. The workshop is about practising large-scale calligraphy on the alphabets that you are already familiar with. Of course I will prepare some special alphabets for you, too. Namely, when we are going bigger and bigger, the proportions of the blank space between and within letters becomes a more challenging task. Further we will work on the wall design ideas and make smaller sketches for a final project that could be realized on your mural space back at your home. We will of course talk about also the use of appropriate colour in indoor spaces. Sweet calligraphy exercises with bigger brushes on large paper rolls will open your horizons and you will finally feel more free and confident with your letters!

Loredana Zega Workshop