About the Society

Founded in 1979, La Société des calligraphes de Montréal is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and ideas among amateur and professional calligraphers, as well as individuals in the related arts. Through workshops, lectures and exhibitions, we strive to expand public awareness towards Latin calligraphy and develop a higher level of proficiency amongst our membership and within the Montreal community. From September to May, we organize meetings, workshops, demonstrations and conferences given by local and internationally renowned calligraphers. Our printed publication, L’Arabesque, is published three times a year and features articles and interviews of calligraphic interest. Membership to our guild is open to anyone with a love of letters. Our logo was created by Lorna Mulligan.

Board of Directors

E r i n N e i l s o n
I n t e r i m P r e s i d e n t, S e c r e t a r y a n d
S o c i a l M e d i a M a n a g e r

Erin Neilson : Hi! I’m Erin! I’m a full-time calligrapher and started my calligraphy journey in 2016. I love to learn about all types of calligraphy scripts, but focus mostly on copperplate and variations on the pointed pen. During 2020 I was able to learn from 12 different calligraphy teachers due to all of the online workshops being offered. If you want to know more about me, or see more of my work, please check out my website or follow me on Instagram!

Instagram: @neilsonletters
Web: www.neilsonletters.com

I n i s S a n s a l o n e
T r e a s u r e r

Inis Sansalone : Enthused by all things related to the lettering arts, Inis’ connection to calligraphy dates back to the early 80’s as one of the early members of La Société des calligraphes de Montréal (with a brief hiatus from 1994 to 2014!). Pursuing calligraphy as a pastime, she enjoys participating in local, international and more recently online workshops. Staying connected in various ways, including volunteering in La Societe, has enriched her experience and making new friends is the bonus!

Instagram: @inissansalone

S a c h a s B é n a r d
C o n s e i l l e r

Hello everyone, I am Sachas, owner of Métaph’Art and Sachas Calligraphie, and board member at la Société des calligraphes de Montréal, a talented and inspiring community of which I am proud to be a part of. I started calligraphy in 1996-97 during my training in computer graphics and since then it has occupied a big place in my life. Today I offer my services as a calligrapher and teach calligraphy in most styles. I’m very passionate about graphic art in general, I also master photography, photo/video editing, 3D modeling, graphics as well as VFX/rotoscopy composition (NukeX). Playing in the theater has been my favorite pastime since 2013. And yes, a pure artist at heart.

Instagram: @sachas_calligraphie
Facebook: www.facebook.com/www.metaphart.ca

E l y s e V i o t t o
C o n s e i l l è r e

designer, passionate about calligraphy, and based in Montérégie! I am the mother of an almost 3-year-old cocotte, and we will welcome another little girl in July! I have always been passionate about writing, typography, lettering and graphic design in general. I have been doing calligraphy for 6 years now. My favorite style is Copperplate, classic or modern. I also love the delicacy of Spencerian and Italian Hand, and I love discovering new styles and techniques!
It gives me great pleasure to participate again this year on the Board, and to be able to collaborate with the other members of the Société for future activities. See you soon!

Instagram: @elyseviotto
Web: https://viotto.co/

Volunteers Not Photographed:

M a t h i e u D o u c e t t e
S e c r e t a r y


K a t h y F e i g
I n t e r n a t i o n a l W o r k s h o p s

From the moment I learned how to write in grade two, I was enchanted. It introduced me to a world that is full of beauty, love, kindness and joy. I wish to communicate these and other virtues through my work. Calligraphy for me, is a lifetime study in a simple and severe school of design. The very movements of formal writing are sacred to me. Without the written word, there would be no civilization as we know it. Writing is an ancient, noble and sacred art form that everyone can enjoy

Instagram: @penkathy55
Web: www.penkathy.com

C l a i r e B o u r a s s a & D i a n e S t – A n t o i n e
L o c a l W o r k s h o p s & T r a n s l a t i o n a n d P r o o f r e a d i n g

Claire (left) was introduced to the beauty of letters during her studies in graphic design, thanks to a typography course. In 2017, she reconnected with her former passion by visiting a
exhibition of the group Les Calmars. A few weeks later, she started an Italics class with Marco Chioini and joined La société des calligraphes de Montréal in 2018. She contributed to L’Arabesque by revising and translating certain texts, then began in 2019 portraits of calligraphers. Most of her articles (Spotlight) are available on La société des calligraphes blog.
In 2018, Diane (right) discovered calligraphy during an Italics workshop. It was a love at first sight that will never fade. Since then she has explored the endless possibilities of letters on the space of a sheet of paper and has taken courses and workshops to enrich her practice. She became a member of La société des calligraphes de Montréal in 2019 and joined the group of virtual calligraphy organized by Louise Rousseau.
Claire and Diane got to know each other during an Italics course in the fall of 2018. Since then, they have shared their passion for calligraphy in various ways such as: workshops joint exploration, exchange of material, conferences, etc. This year, they join forces to plan an exciting program of local workshops with excellent local calligraphers, and according to the needs expressed by the members during the 2019 survey. You will discover the programming soon on the website of La société des calligraphes de Montréal!

M u s k Z h a n g
L ’ A r a b e s q u e D e s i g n e r

I believe learning is a lifelong project -calligraphy and personal research are the same! I appreciate having a chance to work, learn and have fun with the Société!

Instagram: muskzhang
Behance: www.behance.net/muskzhang

P a u l e t t e D u f r e s n e
S a m e d i s c a l l i g r a p h i q u e s & M a i l

Paulette Dufresne has been doing calligraphy for a long time. She does so for pleasure and has exhibited her calligraphic works either with the Société des calligraphes, or in more personal exhibitions.
She has been a member of the Société des calligraphes for several years. She used to be a member of the Board, but now continues as a volunteer for several activities.
Paulette is stimulated by exchanges and group sharing and therefore has begun a small calligraphy group that she has been organizing for more than three years called “les Samedis calligraphiques”. Group activities are currently on hold but activity will resume when the pandemic ends.

L i s s e t t e L e i v a s
W e b D e v e l o p m e n t

Hi! I am Lissette Leivas, owner of Les Champs de Lissette, based in Montreal ! I’m a wife, mom of three : two daughters and one cat. My passion for calligraphy and plants are the main inspiration. Also, the necessity of expressing my worries about the never-ending use of writing instruments never recycled or reused. The variety of plants to be discovered as well as the visual and spiritual abundance found in each plant and calligraphy make with each stroke a surprise of my calligraphy.

Instagram: @leschampsdelissette
Web: www.leschampsdelissette.com

L o u i s e R o u s s e a u
A r c h i v i s t

I have been doing calligraphy for a long time, for fun, aside from work in another field.Initially, I learned traditional writings but now find great pleasure in exploring more gestural, personal but legible writings, and adding them to other visual art techniques. I also participated for a long time in a calligraphy group.A long-time member of the Société des calligraphes, I have volunteered in organizing local workshops.In the absence of in-person activities due to the pandemic, I proposed an internet exchange activity called “Calli virtuelle” to encourage the sharing of calligraphy among members of the Société des calligraphes de Montréal. Several of our members regularly participate in this activity.

Instagram: @rousloui

M a r c o C h i o i n i
T r a n s l a t i o n a n d P r o o f r e a d i n g

My name is Marco Chioini. I have been practicing calligraphy since 2003 and have been a member of the Société des calligraphes de Montréal since 2006. I have held several positions within the Société, notably that of coordinator of the manufacturing of the commemorative bag for the 30th anniversary of the Société. I was also responsible for local and international workshops for seven years, in charge of our meetings for about three years, and also served as president for three years. I am currently in charge of editing and correcting L’Arabesque. I have been able to meet many people through the Société and its varied activities, and it is always a joy to see the work of talented members.

Instagram: @marcochioini

Volunteers Not Photographed:

C l a i r e B o u r a s s a, M a r c o C h i o i n i,
J u l i e F i l i o n, S a s k i a L a t e n d r e s s e,
D i a n e R i o u x, C a r o l e S c h e f f e r
T r a n s l a t i o n a n d r e v i s i o n

M a r i e – P i e r r e R o b e r t
M e m b e r s h i p

S a s k i a L a t e n d r e s s e e t L o u i s e G e n e s t
E x p o s i t i o n s

Open Positions

L’Arabesque Editor

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions,
please email info@societedescalligraphes.org